P&C Solution to Showcase XR Innovations at Augmented World Expo Asia

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2 min readAug 29, 2023

The Augmented World Expo (AWE) Asia Conference, set to unfold in Singapore from August 30–31, will see tech companies from across the globe presenting their latest augmented and mixed reality technologies. One such company is South Korea’s P&C Solution.

P&C Solution, based in South Korea, is an enterprise that focuses on XR technologies. Their portfolio includes AR glasses, VR simulators, and Metaverse solutions. They have built collaborations with notable entities such as LG, Sony, Yonsei University, and the Korean Air Force, indicating their expansive reach within the XR domain.

P&C Solution’s Metalense is a Mixed Reality headset that aims to address common challenges associated with AR solutions, primarily user discomfort. The headset features an in-house AR Engine and advanced optical technology. The company asserts that this combination offers a seamless blend of real-world visuals with augmented digital imagery.

P&C Solution is among the six companies slated to represent the K-Metaverse pavilion at AWE Asia. On August 30, the company’s manager, Mr. Sidney (Heekeun) Choi, will deliver a talk titled “South Korea’s Vision for XR: Transforming Industries with AR Glasses”. This presentation is scheduled as a segment of the session “Enter the K-Metaverse: Innovations from South Korean Companies in Immersive Technology”.

P&C’s focus on enterprise XR hardware solutions is timely, as more enterprises adopt XR for training and safety projects. Examples of use cases include:

  1. Real-time Training: With mixed reality glasses like Metalense, trainees in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, or energy can visualize complex processes and machinery in a real-world setting. This hands-on experience can significantly improve comprehension and retention.
  2. Safety Protocols: Mixed reality can simulate hazardous situations without putting trainees at risk. For instance, a new employee at a chemical plant could experience a simulated chemical spill, understanding firsthand the steps to manage and contain such a scenario.
  3. Remote Collaboration: Experts from around the world can collaborate and provide guidance to trainees through a mixed reality environment, eliminating the need for physical presence.
  4. Feedback and Analytics: Post-training, these systems can provide valuable data on how the training was received, areas where trainees excelled, and where they might need further instruction.

Individuals or entities interested in learning more about P&C Solution or exploring other aspects of the Korean metaverse ecosystem can get in touch with Mr. YW Park via ywpark@thewelcome.co.kr.



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